Démarche RSE entreprise
Corporate Social Responsibility in business

With the increase of social and economic inequalities, the degradation of our environment and the climatic challenges, companies must reinvent themselves and implement new ways to create and share value. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is becoming an essential strategic issue to make the global economy evolve in the “right direction”. But what do we mean by CSR? And what does it mean for small and large companies? Our answers in this article.

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Le Futur du travail : Quels enjeux pour 2030 ?
What the future of work will mean for job and skills in 2030

According to a study released by Dell and the Institute for the Future, 85% of 2030’s jobs don’t exist yet.

The world and the technology in which we are evolving today is full of promises and challenges. The rise of task automation is bringing its amount of surprises, including changes that are already tangible in the world of work.

What are the ongoing and emerging trends regarding the future of work? Although what are the major challenges that Human resources are going to face? Here’s some answers.

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Freelancers in Europe, the future of work?

In 2022, they will represent nearly 6 million highly qualified profiles in Europe, the freelancing market is booming. The hybridization of the world of work, flexibility, mobility, telecommuting… are the reasons most often mentioned by employees who choose to become independent. What advantages can French and international companies draw from this pool of European experts? And how can this trend transform the future of work?

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expertise talents independants
Trends 2022: create your dream team with freelancers

The job market in France is constantly evolving, targeted skills are becoming increasingly scarce while freelancers increasingly occupy the landscape… Remote and telecommuting propelled to the norm by the pandemic are arguments that have convinced expert profiles, especially in the Tech and IT sectors, to move to a freelance status. This trend is reflected in the figures, according to Eurostat 848,200 companies were created in 2020 (which represents an increase of 4% compared to 2019). What are the trends to follow to stay in the game and find new talent in the freelance market? And how do you create a project team of experts that works? Decoding the trends and ways of thinking for companies to turn these fears into opportunities. 

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