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The job market in France is constantly evolving, targeted skills are becoming increasingly scarce while freelancers increasingly occupy the landscape…

Remote and telecommuting propelled to the norm by the pandemic are arguments that have convinced expert profiles, especially in the Tech and IT sectors, to move to a freelance status. This trend is reflected in the figures, according to Eurostat 848,200 companies were created in 2020 (which represents an increase of 4% compared to 2019). What are the trends to follow to stay in the game and find new talent in the freelance market? And how do you create a project team of experts that works? Decoding the trends and ways of thinking for companies to turn these fears into opportunities. 

Is the freelance market a solution for finding new talent?

To modernize and continue to progress, companies are currently facing many challenges. The switch to digitalization and the digitalization of companies has led to major upheavals that mainly affect the field of talent acquisition. Let’s take a closer look at the talent shortage that is currently preoccupying business leaders.

The war for talent

The “war for talent” is a structural phenomenon that is currently affecting all sectors of activity, from the digital industry to engineering, construction, and transportation. The job market is extremely tight, and this is true not only in France but in most countries. 

Companies are having difficulty recruiting

According to a study by the Banque de France, 48% of companies were experiencing recruitment difficulties in July 2021, compared with 37% the previous year. The “war for talent”, as it is often called, is leading to real questioning on the part of companies. Attracting new talent and building a team of committed and qualified experts has become a priority issue for executives and project managers.

A sector in full mutation

To accelerate their recovery from the difficulties encountered during the pandemic, companies need to consolidate their top management and support changes. The idea is to give their teams real structural tools and skills.

Among the business areas where the need for experts is most important are the following

  • Application lifecycle
  • IS Management
  • Project Management
  • Business Consulting
  • Business intelligence
  • Data analysis…

The context is always evolving, choosing a freelance profile to build a team of experts for your project is a real opportunity to find the best profiles and best talents. 

Working with freelancers: what are the benefits for companies?

Whether it is to face a temporary increase of activity, or to find a know-how and an expertise that the company needs, choosing a freelancer or a consultant can be not only useful but also extremely interesting.

The benefits of specialized skills and expertise

Freelancers and specialized consultants have more and more senior profiles and highly qualified experience. These very interesting profiles can be real levers of progress for companies looking to modernize their skills. They are trained on the latest technologies, tools and methodologies in order to remain constantly at the forefront of their field of expertise and their market.


The strength of freelance profiles also lies in their flexibility. Meanwhile accustomed to working in teams and often responding to urgent needs, their adaptability is an added value for your needs and your project.

Often trained in agility, freelancers have an outstanding reactivity. Agility gathers a set of project management techniques such as Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, Engage, Management 3.0, etc… They are more and more appreciated for project management.

The motivation

The satisfaction of their customers is crucial for the success of their career, freelancers show a motivation which is materialized by a great efficiency. Coupled with performance monitoring processes that are often well established. The skills they provide to companies are very often effective and the results transparent.

Flexibility and reactivity are priorities for companies. Moreover surround your business with independent experts and specialized consultants offer your team a complementary and advantageous vision for the evolution of your company’s projects.

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